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Remembering When the SuperFrost Knocked Out ALL the Eggplant Blossoms in MX?

Hard to believe that only four short months ago the absolute temps were in the negative teens, the wind chills were below minus 30' F and that the icy grope of winter reached all the way to Mexico devastating crops below the Rio Grande. Eggplant and squash blossoms were annihilated and the price of eggplant jumped from $16.50 in mid-January to over $72 for the same quantity. Zucchini was gone.

Gythio by the Shipwreck

We asked where we should eat and they said to "the shipwreck' a family-owned taverna by the sea. And what didn't we eat? Octopus drying in the sun, homemade wine, yigandes and skewers of lamb and pork. YUM!

Anna's June Tour! June14- 29

Delphi, Day 1, Olympia Day 2, Gytheion Days 3, 4, Tolo Days 5, 6. Wi Fo spotty and poor at best; the Smatfon, Motorola Exprt, purchased JUST to make bloging and uploading photos easy is NOT. But finally we are we are sufficiently apprisedto start posting. Photos here: Gytheion, yes, view from our balcony. A sweet,1950s style hotel with illuminated plastic blocks announcing its name to the harbour: Pantheon. Here we rested three days after extensive drives from Delphi to Olympia to Gytheion covering main land Greece down to the southernmost regions of the Peloponese.

Symposia. A Series VIII! Brewing, Stewing, Braising, Seasoning.

It's taken eight Symposia for me to be calm and accomplished enough to sit, pre-event, and blog about all this. As a swimmer on the High School team competing in the 400IMA, I learned about endurance and the prospect of goal attainment as a process that has certain identifiable stages. I'll save the elucidation of those stages for a motivational series yet to come. In any case, each time I set myself up to create a Symposia. A Series, I nearly lose all the equilibrium that I have been building from all those yoga classes.

The Zen of Heart Cutting

It's been a while since I cut 24 or so hearts free hand to make individualized cards for my kids' pals on Valentines' Day. But there I was today, Saturday, cutting with my very good Whiskars, pink hearts to cover the Gioconda Truffles that are being sold at the Wedge and Hampden Coop as well as here at the Gardens for about $5.

The Tyranny of Tyro!

Over 20 years of working in the kitchen at Gardens, only one preparation defies my mastery and that is Tyro. An emulsion of feta with nearly double its volume of oils and peppers that is whirred in a commercial high-capacity food processor for nearly an hour, the "finishedness" of Tyro is understood as much by an audible drop in decibels as by its visual texture which runs the gamut of a thickly running latex to a fluffy mousse.

A Wedding Celebration @ The Gardens

Our fourth wedding was held at the Gardens on Saturday November 7. The celebrants,
Monique and Murthy, and their guests were regaled by belly dancing, live music and, of course, a sumptuous feast highlighted by a half oven roasted lamb from Hill and Vale and a dessert tower

Yigandes! Yigandes! Yigandes!

They're back! Dried Yigandes. Soaked. Boiled. Baked. One of the most intensive cooking processes.

It Threatens to Rain, but there will be Blossoms Galore @ the Arboretum Thursday!

The Fifth Annual fundraiser for the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum will flourish this Thursday, July 26 from 6-9 rain or shine. The largest public park in the upper Midwest and state jewel for over 54 years, the Gardens are pleased to support these Gardens!

Stewing for the Symposia. A Series. IV Menu!

January 26, 6-9pm is the date and time for our next Symposia. A Series. IV and I have been ruing/stewing over the menu for some time. Additionally to providing some of the best dining experiences in the Cities, holding Symposia is one way to keep me-as-Chef fresh, to hone my skills, as well as to test new dishes with our guests.