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An Engagement at the Gardens!

We knew right away that the Gardens is a hot
spot first date place by the comments our customers made and by the
frequency of "First Dates" leading to weddings, but last night, to our
knowledge, the first proposal AND acceptance was exchanged between
Oscar and Natalia, a favorite former server ...at the Gardens. It was a
proud and exciting moment and some of us couldn't help but hovering in
anticipation. Here they share a complimentary bottle of Agiomino, the
beautiful Agiorgitiko (St George) grape aged 12 months in new French

Diane Hofstede's ThankYou Luncheon!

To thank her vast number of dedicated volunteers that enabled her re-election, Diane and Tony Hofstede invited 35 guests to the Gardens of Salonica on Monday, Jan 4. The guests dined on, you guessed it, YIGANDES!, Kota Riganati and Lachanodolmades, Greek Salad and assorted desserts. Is the Gardens open on Mondays you ask??? Yes, for special groups with prix fixe menus! Call or email for times and suggestions!

Renewing the Countryside

November is the time when we are all gearing up for Holiday giving. When some of us have so much and are so thankful, we would like to suggest thinking about honorable organizations that work for the good of us all. Please consider ALL your sources for better livings as well as one of ours, Renewing the Countryside, which will received matched contributions for even the smallest donation of $25. Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Apron Folding: Who Would've Guessed?

So, as reported on the Home Page, together with the Schubert Club, we hosted the reception at the Memorial held by our friend Jorja Flizanis for her late husband, Michael, at the Ted Mann Concert Hall this past Sunday. Because no one can guestimate the attendance for such an event, I was told to plan for 600. Six hundred for an hour reception at 8:30 on a Sunday night. In the best case scenario, I planned 5 pieces of food for 600 people...that's 3,000 pieces of food to be passed in one hour. Troops! Bring in the troops.

A Surprise Table by Table Expansion and a Prie Fixe Farewell Party!

A quiet Saturday turned into one celebration after the other! Jerry and Robert called in the am to reserve a table for "14" that turned into a major celebration of twenty-two. Here they are AFTER most had left and these were the lingerers. At Five we had the Pocket Hercules folks with a pre-set farewell partee. What lovely light, company, and food! A buffet of Orzo Pasta Salad, Boughatsa Tyri, Pitsas, Melitzana & Pita, Tyro & Veggies, wine and beer. What would you want on a sunny, cool Saturday afternoon. Thank you Tina et al.