Petimezi Marinated Lamb Ribblets: Tender Juicies on the Bone!


Unbelievable flavor from Petimezi, a traditional "poor" man's sweetner made from grape molasses, sherry vinegar, EVO oil and spices. Grilled to medium rare per order and served minted Greek yogurt dipping sauce.

All-natural, In-house, Pork Gyro Appetizer


Unbelievable flavor from SouthEast Food Networks, all-natural pork shoulder, sliced off the bone, dry-rubbed, stacked and slow roasted on the vertical spit and sliced to order. Not sure about a new taste? Share the appetizer portion and believe!

This Month's All-Natural In House Gyro Appetizer; Fri's after 5 and all day Sat!


A smaller portion of this month's In House Gyro to share sans the fries! Or a light meal to enjoy while keeping your New Year's Resolution!

Saganaki Garides: Shrimp Saganaki


Wild-caught, fire roasted jumbo shrimp with feta, fresh, organic thyme, extra virgin olive oil and our own seasonings. Dip and scoop with fire-grilled pita!