Petimezi Marinated Lamb Ribblets: Tender Juicies on the Bone!


Unbelievable flavor from Petimezi, a traditional "poor" man's sweetner made from grape molasses, sherry vinegar, EVO oil and spices. Grilled to medium rare per order and served minted Greek yogurt dipping sauce.

Saganaki Pipperies: Fire-Grilled Stuffed Mild Horn Peppers


From the Minneapolis Farmers' Market we buy these tender, Minnesota grown Hungarian and Rolenos Peppers. Stuffed with Feta, Greek Yogurt and herbs and spices, these sweet/hot stuffers start off any meal with a burst of delicate yet hardy flavors. Any retsina, will enhance your opening course or try the sturdy white, Tetramythos, Roditis!

This Month's All-Natural In House Gyro Appetizer; Fri's after 5 and all day Sat!


A smaller portion of this month's In House Gyro to share sans the fries! Or a light meal to enjoy while keeping your New Year's Resolution!

Saganaki Anginares


Bubbly goodness! Our garlic and oregano tweaked artichoke salad blended with sheep's milk cheeses to spread on your fire-finished pita. No gluten. No eggs.

Saganaki Garides: Shrimp Saganaki


Wild-caught, fire roasted jumbo shrimp with feta, fresh, organic thyme, extra virgin olive oil and our own seasonings. Dip and scoop with fire-grilled pita!