Gardens Available Sun/Mon for Special Events!!

The Franconia Sculpture Park Board took advantage of the Gardens' Sun/Mon availability to schedule a fundraiser event. Supporters of the Shafer, MN professional artists' association were treated to heavy appetizers, a TV production and a sculpture building table where the roof and imagination were the limits. And boy did they come up with some crazy stuff! For more info on Franconia check out Franconia.org. To schedule your own private events, entree@gardensofsalonica.com.

First Ever Symposia. A Series Held at Gardens

Our first Symposia. A Series. was held Wednesday with the theme "Wine Contributions of Ancient Greece" and guest mystery writer, Marilyn Jax. Symposia diners started with grilled octopus, Kolokythopita Macedonian style, pan seared scallops and shrimp in meaded lettuce ribbons, Scarlet Runner Beans and Braised Lamb brisket with fresh tomatoes and cumin, Goat roast and potatoes and for dessert, Millefaiy with wild Minnesota plum marmalade. While the history of Greek wine commerce began the meal, Marilyn described her 20 years as a State Fraud Investigator and fielded questions on her subject.

Boriana Celebrates her Birthday at Gardens!!

Boriana, a former employee and the designer of our new retail deli labels, celebrated her birthday with family and friends tonight. Unbeknownst to her, we had a Millefaiy--yes, that would be the Greek version of Millefeuille--we had the makings in our kitchen and layered it up. Daughter Sophia carried the platter, nearly her own size, with the lit pastry out to surprise her mom.

Carol and Arlys Celebrate Their Wedding Vows at Gardens!!!

Long time customers Carol and Arlys celebrated their wedding vows this Saturday with twelve other close friends. What did they have? While they had pre-ordered all their favorites for their nuptial table: Melitzana, Spinach Feta Boughatsa, Chicken Angelhair soup, Briam, Kounoupidi, Chicken Souvlaki, Gyros with Tzatziki, they were surprised by saganaki flambe and as a "toast" to their happiness. The Chocolate Hazelnut Boughatsa ordered for dessert came out arranged on a tower and decorated with roses. Congratulations!

Kathryn Celebrates at the Gardens!

For her birthday, Kathryn invited her friend she had known since she was four and ordered her very own pan of Vegetarian Mousakas together with a couple bottles of Amethystos. For dessert she had plum-banana Millefaie. Rumors have it that it was a prototype test for the Symposia dessert this coming Wednesday!

Symposia: A Series.

Arguably one of the best inventions of the ancient Greeks, the Symposia, (from "syn" and "pinein" literally "to drink together") involved drawn-out drinking and dining with entertainment and intellectual discussion. Relive this tradition at the Gardens of Salonica every third Wednesday of the month. Our first guest is Minnesotan Marilyn Jax, author of "Road to Omalos". Marilyn will speak about her book and sign your copies. Check out her website at www.marilynjax.com!

Dept of BostonSci Eats Lunch at Gardens!

What does a office department order when 30 decide to eat out together? They call in their preferences and Anna puts together a family-style meal that is ready when they walk in and served seamlessly to the end. Today's menu? Melitzana, Tyro, Fava, Briam, Spanakorizo, Yigandes, Freshly grilled skewers of Chicken and Lamb, Gyros and Tzatziki, Greek Fries and, of course, Greek Salad. And the dessert? Who has eaten Baklava freshly baked the same day? Topped off with Greek Coffee, complements of the Gardens...now, who's up for work??? ;)

Our Brides EAT!: Lindsey & Xenos' Wedding Catered by Gardens of Salonica

Yes, and here's the proof! Lindsey and Xeno ordered a traditional Greek Extravaganza: Spinach Feta and Pikantiko Boughatsas, Tyro and Melitzanosalata with Pita bread at the table and two banquet tables-long of Greek Salad, Stiratto Bread, Vegetarian Mousakas, Pilafi, Kota Riganati, Gyros and Tzatziki, Lamb Psito and Patates tou Fournou, and a separate table of Kourembiedes (toasted almond butter cookies), Baklavas and Gioconda Trouffles. Yes, our brides AND grooms eat and immensely enjoy when the Gardens of Salonica caters. Congratulations! Oti Pethimisete!

Jenn and Jeff Marry at the Gardens: Our Fifth Couple!

Is the Gardens romantic? Do the Gardens have a good vibe? Evidently and to the point, our fifth couple just married under what we call, "The Tree of Life". With their closest friends flying in from all over the continent, Jenn and Jeff shared their moment with songs, dance and, of course, excellent food. We wish them every happiness!

High School Graduation Open House: Personal Gyro Carver

Guess who sliced 30lb of Gyros for Steve Zeece III graduation? Lazaros! Yep, Steve had his own personal carver and the skies cooperated. No rain fell. Top photo Steve Zeece II, Steve Zeece III, Lazaros, and SZIII's mom, Amy. Build your own Gyros or Chicken Pitas, Pilafi and, of course, Greek Salad, with a bowl of Tzatziki that rivaled the swimming pool in girth, attracted the guests who could not help but focus on the food rather than the gray, threatening skies.