See You in Santorini!!!

That's how we said goodbye at the final meeting for Anna's Greece Tour 2010 this past Saturday. For the first time since the trip was closed, all fifteen of the in-state travelers met together for a family style "info-dinner". They sampled three different indigenous wines, 5 appetizers, two Boughatsas, finished with platters of lamb, pork, and chicken skewers and Yigandes. While eating, Anna explained toasting and eating customs, and basic vocab expressions. It was a chance for everyone to ask questions and to start to get to know each other.

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The Family Dined at the Bar!

While the Gardens was hosting multiple celebrations, yet another family joined us. Instead of waiting for a table that was rather hard to come by, they opted to sit at the bar and begin with wine and appetizers. Here they are from one end to the other. I promised to send them their photos, but I thought it was such a nice idea. I love eating at the bar.

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Sippin' SEVEN!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 6:30pm

7 1oz pours paired with 7 small plates shared with your Bestie or your Beloved!
Limit 30!
Seats are filling!
Reserve to GoS: 612.378.8810 reference Sippin' Seven!

Guest Speakers & Wine Portfolio Holders, Basil & Linda Janavaras host with Anna

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Celebrating 80!

Long Time patron, Frank B, received a birthday lunch complements of his East Coast niece and delivered compliments of the Gardens! We appreciate our families' celebrations! Na ta ekatostisi, Franko!

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Beauties @ the Bar!!

The grands, Carmen & Dede, of long-time customers and Anna's Greek Tours, Sandy & Jay, visited last Friday. They charmed us all and nibbled on pita crisps and spritzers and left happily babbling.

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The Pig is Ordered, The Roaster as Well!

Ever wondered about the art at the Gardens? That wooden peacock on the wall, the stone-age bead track that's used as a hat rack, that fountain, and, of course, that tree root thing? Zoran Mojsilov, our resident artist with an international reputation will be our Guest Presenter at our next Symposia. A Series, XI on Wed, Oct 26 @ 6pm. An unabashed regaler of stories and intentions, Zoran will show us some of his latest and furthest away installed works.

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Yes! There was SNOW on the Sculpture When the StoneArch Discussion Group Met

this morning at 8am. The topic "Post-election Strategies" had one of the largest attendances ever despite the thickly falling (and sticking) snow. What did we offer today? Warm 100% Ames Honey sweetened Apricot Cream Boughatsa, Baklava Bites and Yummy Spinach Feta Boughatsas.

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Seventieth Birthday Celebrated at Gardens!

Apparently when Steve woke up today, what was lacking in his life--more strident for it being his 70th birthday--was a Gyro sandwich from the Gardens of Salonica. Coming here for nearly the 20 years that we've been opened, Steve had NEVER eaten a Gardens' gyro. So tonight, he gave it a try and followed it, for good measure, with a yogurt honey sundae. We went on to brain-storm how we would be celebrating the Garden's 20th Anniversary this January...and boy, do we have plans! Thanks, Steve and Cathy!

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