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Join us to celebrate Greek Independence Day, March 25 1821, the week of the 23-27th. Zeeto Ellas! Long Live Greece! After nearly 400 years rule by the Ottoman Empire, Greek revolutionaries took the oath "Ellefteria i Thanatos" (Liberty or Death) administered by Metropolitan Germanos at the Monastery of Agia Lavra. Celebrate with us all week long. Traditional foods, special offers. Check us out on FaceBook or return to our site often!

Employed, Engaged, Married @ Gardens

As a server Natalia made her way into all of our hearts, so we were equally charmed when her boyfriend, Oscar, called us last Fall and informed us that he was ready to propose to her at Gardens. We had the champagne chilled and hovered around the table hoping to overhear her exclamation. So when Natalia emailed us last week and informed us that she was getting married this past Saturday and was bringing the entire wedding party to the Gardens, we were elated. Such a beautiful couple!! Synxareteiria Natalia and Oscar!

Rose! The Greeks do it BEST!!

When was the last time you drank a rose', the 70's? Bet it was out of a box, wasn't it? While the Greeks have always enjoyed their toutable rose: full body with balanced fruit and a clean, fresh finish, the Gardens is making it easier for you to discover and enjoy this national secret. For the remainder of February....and who knows how much longer (the discount cards arrived after half the month was over) enjoy any bottle of rose: Zoe', Kleoni, Amethystos at half price. That's $13 a bottle. Please and thank you!

Yogurt Honey Sundae. A Classic.

A classic eaten for millenia year round in Greece: thickened yogurt from Old Home sprinkled with toasted almonds and hazelnuts, drizzled with Ames Farm Clover honey--sweet. tangy, rich, yet light, nutty. Some times there aren't enough seasons to indulge!

KolokithoAnthous! Stuffed Squash Blossoms!

Yum!!! We stuff ours with seasoned jasmine rice and feta then oven braise in white wine, freshly squeezed lemon juice and EVO oil! Summer's on your palate!


Looking for an Office Party or Family Get-to-Gether Space?
Gardens hosts the BEST!
email your requests to: entree@gardensofsalonica.com


Schultz organic turkey thighs and breast, dry rubbed, vertically stacked and slow-roasted, sliced to order on an open pita with a pile of Greek fries and a side of Tzatziki! Turkey Transcendent.

Name Days Celebrated @ Gardens!

Didn't know you had a Greek name? You probably do....and now the Gardens will help you celebrate! Check us out on our FaceBook page for each week's celebrants. You don't have to come on the exact day: we give you the week and we will celebrate with you! A comped glass of wine or the dessert of your choice! Call with questions! Let's get started! This week: Athanasios (Tasos, Tasoula, Soula) Maximos (Max, Neon) Agnia (Agnes), Xenis (Zenos), Timotheos (Tim) and Agatha.

Make it a Dinner & Movie! Thurs, April 19 6:30!

Our Fifth annual sponsorships of a Greek film in the International Film Festival! By the director of the Oscar nominated "Dogtooth," Yorgos Lanthimos' offbeat film focuses on a club whose members are paid to take the place of a family's dead relative. Our family-style dinner includes appetizers, entrees, dessert and a glass of wine. $20/pp; $15 w/student ID. RSVP's only. Movie ticket info & purchase:


Wine Flight Wednesdays! And NOW! 1/2 OFF ANY Bottle of Wine!!!

It's Wine Flight Wednesdays! All WHITES--the classics of Ancient Hellas:
Savatiano, Assytiko, Roditis! Three 3oz pours for $8!!! And NOW, you can enjoy ANY bottle of wine on Wednesdays!