Braised Pork with Cabbage and Potatoes in Corriander Sauce

Does the name say it all? Doesn't even begin! Fresh pork shoulder from our friends from the Southeast Minnesota Food Network braised in olive oil, lemon juice, white wine and ground coriander seed. When the meat begins to fall off the bones, we add the heirloom medley of potatoes, and wedged hearts of cabbage. Everything in this dish melts and crumbles playing the sweet of the pork and cabbage against the savory and piquant sauce.

Sophie, who doesn't like pork at all, tasted it, had another plate and exclaimed, "Wow, mom, this is good. This is diviiiiiine!" and pinched my cheek.

Served with Feta

Lovely with a brown ale, Surly's Bender, dry rose, Apelia or Lafkioti, or pinot noir style red wine, Xinomavro or Kotsifali

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