John & Sara Share their Birthdays For Fifth Time @ Gardens!

It was a golden celebration in more than one sense: with sun pouring in the front windows, John & Sara joined by Calder continued their five year tradition of celebrating their same day birthdays. What did they eat? They started with their favorite dips on a combo plate and retsina and then shared first a platter of the Heerino Prasoselino (pork shoulder braised in white wine, simmered with leeks, celery & carrots & finished in an Avgolemono sauce), and followed it with a platter of Heerino me Damaskina (braised pork in petimetzi--a grape molasses--dried plums, Mavrodaphne--a port-like wine, and dry red wine) accompanied by a dry but fruity rose, Kleoni and finished with freshly made ouzo ice cream and Melmakarona cookies! Selected by John, Sarah was delighted and surprised by the flavors of each plate that picked up and built on the flavors of the previous dish. Na ta ekatosteisete!!