Kleftiko: lamb baked in parchment with vegetables.


It means "stolen" because the "Kleftes" or guerrillas of the Greek War for Independence (1820's) "raided and confiscated" livestock from their enemies to feed their troops.

In order to escape detection by telltale smoke signaling their position, the Kleftes buried meat and vegetables in fire pits and covered them with dirt leaving them to cook in their own juices. At the Gardens we re-create this tradition by parceling braised lamb shoulder in parchment with eggplant, red bell peppers, fava beans, feta and fresh savory herbs. Then we bake the tied up packets until the flavors mingle into a singular dining experience you must not miss.

Served with oven roasted lemon potatoes.

We're drinking ours with Agios Onoufrios, the Cypriot wine that blends the flavor of the and eggplant!