Kota Avgolemono: Chicken Angelhair

cup $4.95 bowl $6.25 w/pita

Chicken Noodle Soup the old-fashioned Greek way! The reputation of this soup's healing properties is skyrocketing. Requested more than any other food, besides Skordalia, for health concerns ranging from sinus infections to chemotherapy recovery, this is perhaps the first soup the Gardens ever offered. Amy, who used to manage Surdyk's Cheese Shop, loved this one. A variation of a classic: free-range chicken boiled in vegetable stock, pulled, chopped and added back to the broth in which has cooked the ultra thin Angel hair pasta pasta known as Fedes. Then organic eggs are beaten with fresh lemon juice, tempered so as not to curdle and added back to the soup to thicken ever so slightly without added starches or thickeners. One of the best cold cures in our family and the soup ordered more than any other by those families with ill members. Geia mas! (Health to us all!)