Dips for pita or veggies

Menu category: 
Party tray

Our deli items trayed up for you to take home with soft, grilled pita bread, pita crisps or raw veggies (carrots, red bell peppers, cucumbers): Please select one (or two +$5/8) per tray!
Skordalia (garlic dip),
Tarama (caviar mousse),
Melitzana (pureed eggplant dip),
Tyro (pureed feta dip with a little hotness),
Tzatziki (yogurt cucumber, garlic),
Fava (pureed bean, mild, nutty).

Other pricing: 
small $30 (10-30)
large $54.50 (30-70)
Select two per tray +$5/$10
Add raw veggies $5/$10