Greek Strained Yogurt from a Blend of Cow and Goat's Milk for Our Yogurt Honey Sundae!

Greek Yogurt for our Yogurt Honey Sundae! We found it! A blend of cow and goat's milk make it tangy, yet mellow; strained makes it thick enough to stand up on the plate! Ames Honey and toasted almonds with filberts top this dessert that was listed on our first menu 20 years ago!

The Latest Entree to our Beer Exemplar! Lift Bridge!

When we sampled their Minnesota Tan, Lingon berry infused beer, at the Autumn Brew Review (between Zoran's indoor and outdoor studio), we knew this relatively new and local company, Lift Bridge, was a contender for the ever-expanding list of excellence in brewing scene. So when Lift Bridge called us to offer us samples we said, YES! For our winter entrees we selected Chestnut Hill, an amber ale with cinnamon and allspice--try that with the Mousakas--and Crosscut, a pale ale with a grapefruit peel infusion...even the Plaki sings with it.

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Arni Kokkinisto: Braised Lamb Shank with Portobella Caps and Diced Tomatoes over Whole Wheat Spaghettini

Say goodbye to Arni Kokkinisto! It's a that we're taking off our wraps and Spring is here! Probably the last time we'll prepare this winter favorite (unless, of course we are asked at least three times.) So, fresh batch! Get it before it's gone!

We're pairing it with Lafkiotis Agiorgitiko, a smooth, full-bodied red that piques the cinnamon and laurel of the sauce and underscores the natural sweetness of the tender shank meat.

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