A Sunny Birthday at the Gardens

Apparently some people read Anna's blogs at this website: responding to the Yigandes! Yigandes! Yigandes! entry,

Jim, one of our longest time customers, called this Wednesday after the storm and ordered them for pickup. The coldest day of the year he had to have them! He was back today with John who was celebrating his birthday. Between the two of them they ordered Yigandes, Calamari, Plaki and Spanakorizo. The kitchen was stunned and everyone was laying bets as to which entree they would judge to be their favorite. I had to come out just to ask and ended up sitting with them in the sunny window. It felt soooooo good. When we heard it was John's birthday, we had to bring out a Galaktobureko with a lit taper, and, yes, Anna sang, "Na zeiseis Yiannaki (I don't think he knew he had a Greek name!) kai Xronia Polla!" It was a golden moment (NOT a golden birthday, John is way young) and so inspired, Joanne sat with her customers and we took this photo! Xronia Polla, Yianni!!!