Boughatsas Family-Style: Savory & Sweet Large Pastries Cut to Accomodate Your Guests!

¼ (6-10) $19.50
½ (10-20) $27
F/S (18-40) $45.50
F/Sd size (60-125) $106

Select one variety for each Boughatsa Pastry. Savory flavors: Spinach Feta, Feta Ricotta, Pikantiko, Mushroom Kef, Leek Lemon Garlic (vegan), Beef Mushroom Burgundy
Sweet flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut, Lemon Cream, Apricot Cream.

Because we bake to order, please call the day before to ensure availability of your order, or, if we have it available, at least 4 hours before desired pick up time.