Heerinos me Horta: Pork Shoulder with Greens


For this lovely and light summer dish provided entirely by our friends from the Southeast Food Network, we take fresh shoulder pork, rub it with seasonings, sear and then braise it in freshly squeezed lemon juice, white wine and 100% extra virgin olive oil together with freshly picked Nettle tips and Ramps and Heirloom potatoes.

Spanakorizo: Spinach & Rice


Simply, and wonderfully toothsome, this perennial Gardens' favorite simmers spinach with Jasmine rice and sautéed onion for a soul fill like no other. Squeeze the lemon, enjoy with the raw onion and salty feta. Mythos beer or Roditis by Tetramythos are best friends with this dish!

Briam: An Oven-Braise of Garden Vegetables


No ones kidding anyone: these veggies aren't local, they've been trucked in by our twenty year conventional grocer supplier, Twin Cities Produce, who supply Lunds/Byerly's and Cub Food Stores. But independent and local, our friend Tony R and his family have been attending our children's graduations and events for nearly as long.

Arni Kokkinisto me Manitaria: Lamb Shanks and Portobellos on Spaghettini


The Gardens teases with a winter favorite: lamb shanks braised in a rich brown sauce thickened by Portabella mushrooms on top of organic whole wheat spaghettini. The sprinkling of Kefalotyri cheese finishes this yummy dish. You won't even notice the tattered heaps of snow after you have polished this off. Have it with a glass of red Oenodea and hunker down!

Makaronia Thalasina: Jumbo Scallops, Shrimp & Clams on Linguine


A perennial favorite "additional entree" at the Gardens,