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The Definitive Blog on Kolokithoanthoi vs Kolokithokorfades??!!

Who would have known? I had to have clarity in my cuisine offerings, so I called my Master Gardener,

Irini, who also appears in the book, Growing Home, Stories of Ethnic Gardening, by Susan Davis Price, and left a message. Several hours, innuendos and guffaws later, I had my answer. In fact there are two, TWO dishes that are made from the blossoms of squash plants: Kolokithoanthoi AND Kolokithokorfades! As any botanists or amateur linguist can tell you, "anthos" comes from the Greek word for "flower/blossom," so the "Kolokithoanthoi" refers to the flower which is in fact the...

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I THIINK I Found the Right Garden Patch?!

So, when Steve, who plays soccer with Lazaros came in for lunch today, he asked his server, "do you have the stuffed squash blossoms?" which was relayed to me and to which I answered, "No." By the end of the shift I was being asked if we would be serving them tonight, because if I were, he'd bring his wife! Well, I had exactly 12 blossoms in the walk-in, hardly enough to put out 3 orders. So I got on the phone. I'm not going into a tirade about the abundant detours in the Twin Cities that have added HOURS and even DAYS to my to my over booked schedules, but, ONE thing a particular that...

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Lamb Roast @ Zoran's Grain Belt Brewery Studio

To go back a bit, the Gardens catered the Walker Art Museum's Appreciation Dinner for their volunteer tour guides last Saturday, July 18. While the weather threatened havoc, good luck, charms or karma,

moved the clouds away at the very last minute (thankfully, because no tent was stretched against the sky) and over 90 people devoured the fresh whole lamb sent from Hill and Vale Farms together with two banquet tables full of dips, Boughatsas, Greek salad, Dolmades, Veggie Mousakas followed by huge pans of Milopita (Prairie Spy Apples baked in fillo), Lemon Cream Boughatsa and...

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We were sad to hear.....

the passing of Michael Steinberg. We saw Jorja and Michael brunching at Spoon River when we were at the Mill City Farmers' Market a couple weeks ago. I came upon them announcing, "Twin Cities Paparazzi at Hand" had been some time, Michael had been ill and Jorja explained that they really didn't move far from their condo above the restaurant in response to my complaint that I missed their visits, particularly their Sat lunches with us at the Gardens. So here they are, as I pointed my camera they both melted towards each other with palpable tenderness and esteem the one for the...

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A Very Long Day Brightened with VERY Good Friends!

What a beautiful day it was many stopped by with whom our lives have intertwined...At about 4pm when the store was nearly silent, in came Sophia DeHoff, a darling waif of Scandinavian blond, a up close to hug me. I looked over and there was her dad, Rob, brother, Tobby and Rob's brother, Mike, and his friend, Meg....Anne, Rob's wife and mother of those darlings, came in late, one of the warmest people I barely know, but she always makes me smile. It was Rob's 40th and his family celebrated him at the Gardens. It seemed only yesterday when we catered their wedding. Where was...

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Tuesday: A Good Visit and The Kitchen Window, whew!

It was good to see some of our favorite buddies yesterday at the Gardens, West and Calder, I guess you could say that they have grown up here starting even from with in utero ingestion....huh Dena? As you can see, they were exploring some of the new flavors of the Gardens, Mavromatika soupa, as well as their standard faves...Tyro, Fava, Patzaria. For dessert they were treated to our secret stash of Pagoto Fistikia, pistachio ice cream, waiting for its introduction on this summer's must try list!

Tucked in between that visit and my instruction at the Kitchen Window, was in...

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"Little Greek God-Father" Movie Goers Enjoy Pre-Show Family-Style Dinner

The pre-feature dinner for, "The Little Greek God Father," was held Saturday, April 25 at GOS. Between 25 and 30 theater goers were treated to Twisted Zucchini Pita Macedonian style, grilled octopus, Horiatiki salad (sans lettuce), piles of skewered meat (souvlakia) topped off with baked parcels of organic Prairie Spy apples in fillo with cinnamon sugar and Sonny's organic ice cream. The wine poured freely. Need we say more? $25 per person!

Kolokithokorfades: say it slowly, now say it altogether!

You could also call them "squash blossoms" as in "flowers of the zucchini vine" picked first thing in the morning before the blossoms

are stressed by the sun so that they hold their shape and are resistant to stuffing. This is the result of my first effort. The blossoms braised on a bed of zucchini slices in lemon and extra virgin olive oil. Emerging from the oven much more beautiful than when they went in--puffing in the heat certainly improved their look--I was also impressed how their texture remained intact: tender, yet not mushy. Altogether, however, I am convinced that...

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