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Gardens' BIG Bottles!

Why do we offer BIG bottles--otherwise known as Bomber Bottles? Because that's HOW they sell in Greece! On a hot day at the beach with a bag of chips...when you don't want to miss a moment of serene sea viewing, this portion of beer becomes a meal. From the Belgium Brewing Co we offer the ever popular Fat Tire and Ranger, a particularly hoppy beer as well as Crispin, squeezed from the Honey Crisp apple developed here at the the U of M Ag School! All three please with the Gyros!

Symposia. A Series III.

Ever heard of multi-tasking? Do NOT miss our third Symposia. A Series III. Where else can you get your family together, divinely dine, get informed, get entertained, AND shop?! At the Gardens of Salonica, yes, you can! Local and long-time celebrity fave, Robyne Robinson,

The Survivors at Gardens!!

Fourteen of the survivors from the ferry that sank just outside the port at Santorini in 2005, met again to relive their ordeal. "It was a dark and windy night" began one, and everyone laughed....kinda....

OXI Day! Oct 28, 1941 Just Say, "NO!"

Today, October 28, marks the anniversary of one of the most important days in the history of the world, yet few remember it’s significance. But the Greeks do, and they celebrate OXI day, every year with grade school student parades with marching bands and a work holiday. The day was October 28, 1940. At dawn that morning (4:00am), after a party in the German embassy in Athens, Mussolini (through Emanuele Grazzi, the Italian ambassador in Greece) issued an ultimatum to Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas to surrender, or face open war with Italy.

Heerinos me Tsouxnidia: Braised Pork with Nettle Tips

Ready! Sit! Eat! Yep, this will race straight to your sun-longing soul! Tender, free-range pork (can't you just see them rolling in the clover?) from the Southeast Food Network braised in fresh-squeezed lemon juice, white wine and extra virgin olive oil; simmered with Nettle Tips in the prime of their season.

Light, zangy,(yes, we made that word up) yet somehow substantial, chock full of sun as Nettles are with an amount of chlorophyll that matches human hemoglobin, but with a Magnesium ring at their core: medical uses for the 3 A's--allergies, asthma, arthritis--to liver cleansing, and prevention of hair loss. Yep! It has been a rainy season!

Served with a chunk of Wisconsin cow's milk feta.

We still prefer this dish with the dry, full-bodied rose, Kleoni; it seems to ignite the dish with light, but try it also with the nearly effervescent Zoe, pictured here, or go with the light red, Skouros, a blend of cab and Agiorgitiko.

A Better Patio Party, Open House, Reunion with Gardens' Platters!

It's true! The Gardens' Party Platters have been a favorite addition to Patio Parties, Reunions, Rehearsals, Charitable Events for almost two decades! Pictured here the small Tyro Platter with grilled pita. $25 and it serves 8-24. Large platters ($45) serve up to 50. Options other than grilled pita: pita crisps or raw veggies.

Spring Made its Way to the Gardens!

Oh boy! Together with the AC which we kicked on yesterday, we made this year's first batch of Arni me Anginares! Lamb shanks braised with fresh, organic, globe artichokes in avoglemono sauce--that wonderful lemon sauce made with Larry Schultz's organic eggs and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Infused with fresh dill that was picked when the temps hit 77" and you know this dish is a winner!


Join us to celebrate Greek Independence Day, March 25 1821, the week of the 23-27th. Zeeto Ellas! Long Live Greece! After nearly 400 years rule by the Ottoman Empire, Greek revolutionaries took the oath "Ellefteria i Thanatos" (Liberty or Death) administered by Metropolitan Germanos at the Monastery of Agia Lavra. Celebrate with us all week long. Traditional foods, special offers. Check us out on FaceBook or return to our site often!

Employed, Engaged, Married @ Gardens

As a server Natalia made her way into all of our hearts, so we were equally charmed when her boyfriend, Oscar, called us last Fall and informed us that he was ready to propose to her at Gardens. We had the champagne chilled and hovered around the table hoping to overhear her exclamation. So when Natalia emailed us last week and informed us that she was getting married this past Saturday and was bringing the entire wedding party to the Gardens, we were elated. Such a beautiful couple!! Synxareteiria Natalia and Oscar!

Rose! The Greeks do it BEST!!

When was the last time you drank a rose', the 70's? Bet it was out of a box, wasn't it? While the Greeks have always enjoyed their toutable rose: full body with balanced fruit and a clean, fresh finish, the Gardens is making it easier for you to discover and enjoy this national secret. For the remainder of February....and who knows how much longer (the discount cards arrived after half the month was over) enjoy any bottle of rose: Zoe', Kleoni, Amethystos at half price. That's $13 a bottle. Please and thank you!